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November 21st, 2007 by Rick · 2 Comments ·

The messages from people reacting to the Wizard interview are still arriving as it gets picked up on other sites. While I make no judgments about the validity of the senders’ concerns, there’s something to be said for their decision to send them – and how many people have seen the interview as a signal to voice their frustrations with Wizard Entertainment. Here’s a few more anonymous excerpts from my Inbox, in addition to those I’ve already posted:

“I was an editor for [one of the Wizard publications] in the days when it was good and made money, i.e. before the ‘management’ worked its magic on it. … I saw the writing on the wall once the head [editor] in editorial began making decisions about things he knew nothing about. I would be in meetings being told what [readers] want (which would somehow always correlate with who was spending the most on advertising) and what they find entertaining.

I made the mistake of trying to do the right thing by giving them [notice] once I realized I didn’t want to be part of their evil empire any more (and if you’ve been involved in company strategy meetings you know the name fits). … Just thought it might make you feel a little better (but probably not) that on The Whizz scale of getting shafted, there are many ahead of you. Good luck…”

“As one of the many people that Wizard screwed over. I wanted to say thanks for doing your interview. I was one of the interns they asked back with the promise of a job ‘once something opened up.’ … When I asked for them to act as references, no one would even do that for me to help me in my job hunt. Unfortunately for me, Wizard was the beginning of my career and that has hindered me.

… it’s like you said, they take young, talented people, overwork and underpay them and then spit them out. I feel like they’re creating a community of former employees that now are bound together by their anger at the place. And, again to echo many, hard as it’s been and much as I feel they have hindered me, leaving Wizard really was and is a better thing in the long run than being there.”

“Dude, you totally rock for speaking out about all the bullshit that’s been going down at Wizard instead of letting them sweep it all under the rug. I especially enjoyed the section about starry eyed new workers not knowing the value of their work. … I know you worked harder than anyone on that website and to make it into something great, which makes Wizard’s actions all the more reprehensible.”

“Congrats on getting shitcanned. … I loved your interview on Comics Reporter. I always wanted to publicly do what you did but never had the sack to do it. Bravo. … Their inability to embrace the Internet was pathetic. I was in every weekly sales meeting, I know that if you don’t buy ads or booth space, you will never get coverage. … You’re better off without them and I wish you luck on bouncing back.”

So there you go. More to come, I’m sure…

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