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comic-con news updatery

July 27th, 2008 by Rick · 1 Comment ·

I haven’t been able to provide much focused reporting on the show myself this weekend, as a variety of factors have pretty much cut the coverage team down to 1/4 of my anticipated resources. It’s been a week from the fifth circle of hell (look it up) and with all of the juggling, shuffling and re-scheduling I’ve had to do thus far, my focus shifted more to the long-term instead of this weekend’s show.

Expect to see more photo galleries and a roundup report from me, with various interviews I conducted over the course of the weekend hitting ComicMix in the following weeks. I also plan to run a fancy swag report from the show, too.

Meanwhile, Van Jensen is doing a wonderful job remote-blogging the show and all its announcements, while Arthur Tebbel and Christopher Toia have been providing some great panel reports. Chris Ullrich has been conducting interviews with the TV/film contingent all weekend, too.

On a side note, Jessica and I have somehow managed to miss 99% of the parties and extracurricular events going on around the city. We were really hoping that the story of our journey here wasn’t going to be the most interesting tale we had to tell from the convention, but unless something big happens in the next 24 hours, we’ll be sharing the misery of our trip to the West Coast whenever anyone asks us about the show. You’ve been warned!

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