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the triple threat: tech issues, birthdays and travel planning

August 5th, 2008 by Rick · No Comments ·

I’ve been having some technical issues with the site here recently (as you can probably surmise from today’s downtime), and among other things, they seem to be preventing my del.ico.us link bundles from posting each night. I’m still not sure where the problem lies, so now I find myself with the added pressure of actually having to conceive of original content on a daily basis. *shudder* No worries, though, as I believe mindpollution is headed to a new webhost in the very, very near future, thanks to resident IT guru Ryan McKern.

Now that I have that out of the way, first things first. My birthday is coming up this week (August 8 — but don’t worry, I updated my payola link), and Jessica and I are headed to Washington, DC, to cover a weekend-long comedy festival as part of a project for Newsweek’s website. Apparently, I’m her “video assistant” on this grand adventure. Since she was kind enough to assist me a few weeks ago at Comic-Con (which happened to fall on her birthday weekend), it’s only right that I return the favor.

In preparation for the journey to DC, I spent a little while last night searching for local restaurants with “birthday dinner” potential. I think I’ve settled on this one: Old Europe. I am soooo looking forward to massive steins brimming with decent beer.

On a semi-related note, I’m still processing loads of content from Comic-Con, and that plus the plan-ahead duties for this weekend have been keeping me busy over at ComicMix. Life has been hectic, with projects popping up here and there both related and unrelated to comics and spreading my attention pretty thin. That being the case, if you haven’t checked out my season-ending Doctor Who review, be sure to do so. It’s a bittersweet feeling to end these weekly reviews, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to having a Sunday without a recurring deadline.

Anyways… It’s after midnight now and the cats are pawing at me to feed them before I head to bed, so this looks like as good a place as any to end the post.

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