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a quick one: jobs and such

August 8th, 2008 by Rick · 3 Comments ·

Not much time here, so just a quick update from Washington, DC, where I’m attending the DC Comedy Fest and helping Jessica with her last project for Newsweek (and making the best of my birthday weekend).

I can’t thank everyone enough for the outpouring of support from friends, professional peers, industry contacts and people I didn’t even know had me on their radar in the last 48 hours. Due in no small part to that support, a few things are starting to settle out that make the situation seem a bit less dire. I’ll have more to say about them when we return, but I just wanted to make sure I took some time to send a very heartfelt, very humble “thank you” to everyone who has taken time out of their busy lives to reach out to me (or on my behalf) in the past few days.

Thank you, thank you, and again… thank you.

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