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tarantino babies and my t-shirt problem

October 2nd, 2008 by Rick · 8 Comments ·

Something about this t-shirt image forces me to pass it along. I wish I could buy it for myself, but Jessica has imposed a ban on any new t-shirts entering the apartment without an equal number of t-shirts exiting the apartment. Apparently, I have a t-shirt addiction.

Sure, I filled an oversized, can’t-take-it-on-a-plane-without-an-extra-charge suitcase with my collection of t-shirts (only to have a few still left over), but come on — every one of those shirts is chock full o’ cleverness, irony and/or proud statements about my affiliation with one group, team or opinion.

Of course, now that I write it out, it makes me realize I’ve basically become one of those cars plastered with bumper stickers that I love to ridicule.

Maybe I can find a shirt that makes a clever statement about my hypocrisy.

(shirt image via /film)

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