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Webcomic Characters Voted, And The Final Tally Is In…

November 6th, 2008 by Rick · No Comments ·

Earlier this week, I sent around an email asking creators to tell me about the presidential candidates their webcomic characters would vote for. Well, the post blew up on me and ended up becoming one of the most popular items of the last few months.

So, now that I’ve weathered the storm, I thought it was time to take another look at it.

First off, I can’t thank everyone enough who took the time to respond, and even though it was a busy couple of days for me, I tried to update the post with additional responses as they came in. To conclude that little experiment, I thought it would be nice to tally up everyone’s votes and see how the election ended up in the webcomics world. After all, we know how all of the states voted in the US — but what about the webcomic population?

Here’s the final tally, but keep in mind I had to use a bit of estimation when it came to some of the more ambiguously worded responses:

So there you have it! Obama wins in the webcomic world, too.

Thanks for participating in this grand experiment, folks!

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