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Links for Friday, Nov. 7 – Saturday, Nov. 8

November 8th, 2008 by Rick · 1 Comment ·

  • YouTube – Amazing Skateboarder – The "amazing skateboarder" is Rodney Mullen, and the video is pretty f'ing amazing. It's sad that I know Mullen best from all of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, but man, that guy's good. He makes the stuff you do in video games seem entirely feasible in live-action skating.
  • The Top 5 “Crazy” Michael Crichton Ideas That Actually Came True | Discoblog | Discover Magazine – "3. Superbugs from Space: Crichton’s debut novel, The Andromeda Strain (1969), terrified readers with the ultimate biohazard: a deadly extraterrestrial microorganism that infects human blood and mutates like wildfire to defy containment.

    Lucky for us, the chances of the next pandemic hurling in from space are slim to none. But the book brought the concept of bio-safety levels to far more advanced heights. As for the next great bug, not only have we created antibiotic-resistant superbugs here on Earth, we’ve also discovered that some strains become more virulent when sent into space. (Though fear not: They become far less deadly once they’ve made the journey home.)"

  • Mattel Online Store: Matty announces DCU Classics Wave 8 – I love the Dr. Fate and Vigilante figures in this set. I'm also strangely impressed by the Parademon figures – a character that's never really been on my radar (other than the recent "Secret Six" stories). Both figures look great, though.
  • Etsy :: BlondeChick :: Blonde Chick Studio – My friend Libby recently set up her jewelry shop's online sales site, and though I'm horribly biased, everything looks really great. Jessica's already giving me the ol' wink-wink-nudge-nudge routine, so I have a feeling she'll be wearing some "Blonde Chick" jewelry in the very near future.
    My favorite part of the store? Check out the "Scrabble Tile Pendants" section to see how my buddy Kyle (her husband) appears to have left his mark on the store.
  • Sinfest: Taking Over The Team – With the exception of Election Night, I've been pretty quiet re: politics and Obama's rise to power – but this comic is pretty f'ing hilarious. (via DasMegabyte)

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