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7 Days of Holiday Weirdness: Krampus and Other Strange Christmas Customs

December 22nd, 2008 by Rick · 1 Comment ·

Welcome to Day Four of my “7 Days of Holiday Weirdness,” folks. From a serial-killing Gary Busey cookie to gun-toting unborn baby ornaments, it’s been a fun couple of days, eh?

I happened upon this list of “Truly Strange Christmas Customs” a few weeks ago, and along with receiving some learnin’ about the Yule Log, I discovered a few Christmas customs that definitely fit the “weird” bill — like Caga Tio, the “pooping log,” for example.

My favorite, though? The annual holiday shenanigans of Krampus, the “evil demon anti-Santa”

As a tool to encourage good behavior in children, Santa serves as the carrot, and Krampus is the stick . . . Krampus Night is celebrated on December 5th, the eve of St. Nicholas Day in Austria and other parts of Europe. People dress as Krampus and roam the streets looking for someone to beat with a stick. Since it is also a night for drinking, the beatings probably don’t hurt much.

With that in mind, imagine if your Christmas Parade looked a little more like this:

Man, if that had been a part of my holiday, I’d probably piss myself every time I heard “Jingle Bells.”

Come back tomorrow for more “7 Days of Holiday Weirdness.”

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