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It Came From Twitter: 2011-01-25

January 25th, 2011 by Rick · 2 Comments ·

  • Re: Wizard, go read @theseantcollins' post. I'm in too much pain from today's dentist visit to think straight. http://tinyurl.com/6f9dslk #
  • And… done. No joke, that was one of the most painful experiences of my entire life. No gas, just novacaine. So. Much. Pain. #
  • And so it begins… Wisdom Teeth-apalooza. http://flic.kr/p/9cUCHE #
  • I guess this means all those free Wizard subscriptions I signed people up for before I left the company are coming to an end… #
  • Truth. RT @JoshFialkov: Wizard deserves credit for the incredible editors, pr people, writers, & artists it's birthed through mass firings. #
  • *sigh* RT @caseyseijas: Just heard Dan Reilly got the boot. A LOT of guys in comics had him as our first boss. Good luck, Old Man Reilly! #
  • Ack! ToyFare is shutting down, too! RT @Newsarama Official Confirmation of Wizard & ToyFare Magazine cancellation: http://bit.ly/eHklIF #
  • Glad to see ToyFare Mag. survive @ Wizard. I remember telling Wiz bosses back in the day that TF was their real strength on print side. #
  • For ex., Wizard's research editor & head photog. Dan Reilly works harder than anyone I know. If I was a publisher, I'd go after him ASAP. #
  • My sympathies go out to the Wizard staffers I'm still friendly with. Some of them really are the best in the biz. #
  • Sadly, I remember a time when Wizard could've turned the corner & ensured their future, but chose to keep walking toward a cliff instead. #
  • RT @mtvsplashpage: Dark Horse President Talks '300' Prequel 'Xerxes' & The Relaunch Of 'Dark Horse Presents' – http://ow.ly/3J8Z4 #
  • !!! RT @bleedingcool: Wizard Magazine To Close Immediately http://bcool.bz/flZbln #
  • I bid adieu to my wisdom teeth this afternoon. Anyone know if they'll let me take them home in a jar? Is that an acceptable request? #
  • TRUTH. RT @Metroland: I bet Bears fans wish they had the '85 Bears back again. They could win & they could DANCE http://tinyurl.com/4tkfcfh #
  • After this weekend's game, I wonder if Bears fans wish they had Rex Grossman back. He took 'em to the Super Bowl after all (and played)… #

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