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July 19th, 2011 by Rick · No Comments ·

As some of you already know, this year will mark the first time in almost a decade that I won’t be making the trek to San Diego for Comic-Con. Sure, it’s a bummer, but why mope about it when you can have some fun living vicariously through everyone who is there?

In fact, while I was mourning my lack of Comic-Con plans with nerdtastic web ninja Ryan McKern a few weeks ago, we came up with a little project that will give us a chance to enjoy some of madness in San Diego while also helping me find good homes for some of the cool toys and comics I’ve accumulated the last few years.

What could accomplish all of that, you ask? How about…


Here’s how it works:

– We’ve created a list of 50 things to find and take a picture of during the show. The list is pasted in full at the bottom of this post, but you can also view a PDF of the list by clicking here (so it’s easier to print out or read on your phone).

– Everything on the list is assigned point values, with most items worth 1 point, and some earning extra points for additional elements. Try to get the extra points if you want to win!

– Once you’ve taken a photo of something on the list, upload it to the 2011 Comic-Con Photo Hunt group we’ve created on Flickr. All you have to do is join the group (it’s open to the public), and submit your photos. Here’s where you can find the group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/sdcc-2011/.

And that’s all there is to it!

The cut-off point for submitting photos will be Friday, July 29. After that, we’ll tally up the points and figure out who won.

Oh, and on the subject of winning, the person with the most points will get some SDCC-flavored geekery from this year’s show and past Comic-Cons, including one of this year’s SDCC Exclusive toys from Hasbro. I’m not sure what it’s going to be, but I can guarantee it will fill you with an immeasurable joy. (Their Comic-Con toys are that cool.)

UPDATE: We now have photos of the prizes! Check ‘em out!

I’ll also throw in a stack of comics (because what’s a Comic-Con contest without comics?) and some other cool toys that need good homes. Heck, if we get enough photos, we might even pick a runner-up or two.

So, there you have it…

I’ve posted the full list of Comic-Con Photo Hunt subjects below. Make sure to visit the Comic-Con Photo Hunt group on Flickr to see all of the photos as they come in and submit your own!

And if you feel like tweeting about the photo hunt, feel free to use hashtag “#sdccphotos” so we know where to look for your comments.


While you’re in San Diego, take a photo of…

– Someone sketching one of the following Marvel characters: ROM Spaceknight, Man-Thing, Hypno Hustler, Darkhawk (1 point, plus 1 extra point for each additional character in the same sketch)

– An Autobot doing something evil, or a Decepticon doing something nice (1 point, plus 1 extra point if it’s a G1 version)

– Any character from the cartoon M.A.S.K. (1 point)

– Three Doctor Who characters together (1 point, plus 2 extra points if it’s actually the first three Doctors)

– A group of ten people dressed like Slave Leia (1 point)

– Someone dressed like a Joss Whedon character (1 point, plus 2 extra points if Joss Whedon is actually in the photo)

– An overweight Spider-Man or a skinny Hulk (1 point, plus 1 extra point if the photo also includes a tall Wolverine)

– An issue of “Brother Power the Geek,” “Strikeforce Morituri,” or “Herbie the Fat Fury” (1 point each)

– Someone in a Klingon costume ordering lunch at a concession stand (1 point, plus 1 extra point if it’s a classic T.O.S. Klingon)

– Professor Xavier playing basketball (1 point)

– Someone in a Futurama costume (1 point, plus 1 extra point if it’s Hedonism Bot, Scruffy, or Zapf Brannigan)

– Leonard Nimoy’s autograph (1 point, plus 2 extra points if it’s on something related to Secret Selves, Shekhina, or The Full Body Project)

– Someone sketching one of the following DC characters: Blue Devil, Matter-Eater Lad, Snapper Carr, Vibe, or either Wonder Twin (1 point, plus 1 extra point for each additional character in the same sketch)

– A Pacman, Donkey Kong, or Burger Time costume (1 point)

– An Impossible Man, Mister Mxyzptlk, or Bat Mite costume (1 point, plus 1 extra point for each additional character in the same photo)

– A cartridge for the E.T. video game for Atari 2600 (1 point)

– Someone shaking hands with a comic creator in the bathroom (1 point, plus 2 extra points if you convince him/her to do one of the aforementioned character sketches)

– Someone outside the convention looking uncomfortable around people in costume (1 point)

– Someone dressed like a Marvel character in line at the DC booth, or vice versa (1 point)

– Bizarro and Superman together (1 point)

– A group of 5 or more people dressed like characters from the same television show or movie (1 point)

– A character from Micronauts standing in the center of the Hasbro booth (1 point)

– Any of the bounty hunters from Star Wars except Boba Fett (1 point)

– A journalist from one of the following outlets (or any comics/movie outlet, really): Newsarama, Comic Book Resources, io9, Superhero Hype, Comics Alliance, Bleeding Cool, The Flickcast, Movies.com, Blastr, Techland, Comics Beat, GeekWeek, Popular Mechanics, The Daily Blam, USA Today, PopCandy, ComicMix, ComicBookMovie.com, Wired, Screen Rant, or Comicvine (1 point, plus 1 extra point if he/she is holding a beer and/or cocktail)

– A group of three or more anime cosplayers sleeping in a hallway (1 point)

– Someone in costume outside the convention in a place where he/she is clearly the only person in costume (1 point, plus 1 extra point if the costumed person is dancing)

– Someone in a Wolverine or Punisher costume in line for the “Twilight” panel (1 point)

– Someone sneaking a sip from a flask on the convention floor (1 point)

– A zombie eating a healthy lunch (1 point)

– Someone wearing one of the massive Comic-Con bags over his/her torso (1 point, plus 1 extra point if that’s the ONLY clothing he/she is wearing)

– Someone dressed as someone who died in 2011 (1 point)

– Someone dressed like a character who’s been played by Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, or Halle Berry in a live-action movie (1 point, plus 1 extra point if it’s Jensen, Dylan Dog, or Halle Berry’s version of Catwoman)

– A Cylon hugging a Storm Trooper (1 point)

– An evil comic book, movie. or tv character getting a ride in a pedicab (1 point)

– Rob Liefeld shaking hands with Deadpool or Todd McFarlane shaking hands with Spawn (1 point)

– Someone dressed like a character from “Top Gun” hanging out at Kansas City Barbecue (2 points)

– Godzilla (1 point, plus 1 extra point if Mothra or Gamera are also in the photo, and 2 extra points if Jet Jaguar is in the photo)

– Someone wearing an Iron Man helmet, and holding either Thor’s hammer or Captain America’s shield (1 point, plus 1 extra point if he/she is holding both weapons)

– Someone dressed like Hunter S. Thompson (1 point)

– Someone wearing a costume inspired by the 2010 stabbing incident (1 point)

– A cowboy and an alien holding hands (1 point)

– Someone doing a sketch at a hotel bar (1 point, plus 1 extra point if it’s a sketch of a character drinking)

– A bored “booth babe” (1 point)

– A character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but not one of the Turtles (1 point)

– A smiling Kratos from “God of War” (1 point)

– A long line that you’re in the front of (1 point)

– Lou Ferrigno (1 point)

– The Elvis Storm Trooper or the Burger King Storm Trooper (1 point, plus 1 extra point if you get them both in the same shot)

– The most ridiculous piece of licensed merchandise you have ever seen (1 point)

– Someone wearing at least 30 pins (1 point, plus 1 extra point if he/she is wearing more than 50 pins)

Remember: Submit your photos to http://www.flickr.com/groups/sdcc-2011/ by Friday, July 29, in order to have a chance to win some free comics, toys, and other fancy stuff!

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