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Friday Wrap-Up: Creepy Game Trailers, Voltron, The Crow, and more…

July 22nd, 2011 by Rick · No Comments ·

I received a lot of nice messages about the last two Monday Mix link roundups, so it seemed appropriate to start running one of these on Friday, too. After all, that’s the day of the week when things usually slow down enough for me to surf the ‘net at a leisurely pace instead of the normal, hectic, oh-god-oh-god-too-much-is-happening frenzy.

By the way, if you’re looking to see some of the stories I’ve written about Comic-Con the last few days, check out IFC.com and Digital Trends.

So, without any further ado, here are some items that caught my eye during the Monday-Friday cycle…

– Impressionist Jim Meskimen performs Clarence’s speech from Shakespeare’s “Richard III” as a ridiculous number of people and characters:

(via dave)

– One of my favorite comic books of all time, Strikeforce: Morituri has been optioned. I recommended this series for adaptation way back in 2009, and apparently I wasn’t alone, either. I can’t wait to see what happens with this project.

– This trailer for the upcoming game Deus Ex: Human Revolution totally blew my mind. I know nothing about the game, and it doesn’t seem to show any gameplay elements whatsoever, but I am 100% certain I need to play it.

You win this round, marketing team…

– So… Freddy Krueger is in the new Mortal Kombat game.


(via @ign)

– Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! “Paranormal Activity 3″ trailer!!!

I love these films. I also love anticipating the inevitable, blood-curling shriek they will elicit from my wife at some point. I know, I’m a jerk.

– Megathrusters are go on a live-action “Voltron” movie! This news fills me with joy…

The Crow is returning to comics… and there was much rejoicing. But will it be the Bradley Cooper version? *shudder**

The Crow

And that’s it!

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