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Monday Mix: Bioshock Infinite, Driving Cats, The Hunger Games, and more…

August 29th, 2011 by Rick · No Comments ·

Well, we survived Hurricanemageddon and emerged well-fed, dry, and without the need to gear up for battle with mutant zombie hipsters. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed about the lack of mutant zombie hipsters roaming the streets, but hey, that’s how things go sometimes.

Moving on, here are some things that caught my eye this weekend — when I wasn’t barricading the doors and rationing water, that is…

— I didn’t watch the VMAs last night because I have a soul and am no longer required to watch them under ambiguous terms of employment, but I did search around the InterWebs this morning to locate the new teaser for The Hunger Games that debuted on the show. I’ve already confessed that I’m a big fan of the books and intensely interested in how this film will turn out, but the first teaser was a little underwhelming.

Basically, the fire effects seem a little wonky, and there’s not enough going on in this teaser to really grab my attention. I recognize the scene that’s unfolding in the clip, but will it have any appeal to people who haven’t read the books? I’m not so sure.

Still, it was nice to see — or rather, hear — the little nod to the fans at the end of the clip: a four-note whistle that plays a big role in The Hunger Games storyline.

— Oh my god! They killed Rory!

(via Warmoth)

— Next up for the Hollywood remake machine: Flatliners

Yes, Flatliners.

(via ComingSoon.net)

— I’m ridiculously excited about Bioshock Infinite, so I was closely following the new info to come out of this weekend’s PAX Prime. Over at Kotaku, my buddy Stephen Totilo recorded a great little video from the Bioshock panel in which creative director Ken Levine walks attendees through the creation of one of the game’s scenes.

There are also some cool video related to the voice acting in the game, though I really wish one or both of these clips could be embedded.

— Is that a cat… driving a car?

Is that a cat driving a car… and recreating a scene from 2007’s Quentin Tarantino grindhouse film Death Proof?

(Art via Hillary White)

— Sure, this video of a “pint-sized preacher” starts out sort of cute, but right around the 1:55 mark, things get a little weird… and to be honest, kind of scary.

The thought of what this kid is going to be like in 10-15 years? Terrifying.

— Finally, for this week’s spotlight on another Rick Marshall making news, I give you Scorborough’s “Prince of Nails”…

Rick Marshall, known as The Prince of Nails thanks to his love of lying down on a bed of nails, is cycling from Scarborough to Lincoln and back via towns in our region.

Rick, 52, has an inoperable brain tumour himself, and has featured on BBC Children in Need in the past thanks to his charity exploits.

Scarborough resident Rick has been cycling around the region on his trusty bike, with his bed of nails in tow which he kindly laid down on to pose for our photo.

Okay, so “Prince of Nails” is definitely a better nickname than anything I’ve ever been called.

(Story and photo courtesy of The Louth Leader)

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