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My Grand Entrance (a.k.a. another item crossed off the bucket list)

October 29th, 2011 by Rick · 1 Comment ·

First the back story…

Jessica and I went to visit her cousin at college last weekend, and while he was showing us around the campus, we ran into one of his friends. It just so happened that this friend was on his way to the campus chapel to get in some practice time on the organ they have there. We went along, and when the conversation turned to comics and games and related geekery (as it tends to do when I’m around, for some strange reason), he ended up playing a bunch of classic video game theme songs on the organ (which was pretty surreal).

Sadly, I didn’t think to bring out my phone and record the performance, but on our way out, it occurred to me that I had a unique opportunity to cross an item off my “things I want to do at some point in life” list.

Which item, you ask? Well, I’ve always wanted to throw open a door and leap onto a stage accompanied by a powerful “Phantom of the Opera”-style blast from a church organ. In my mind, it would be the grandest of grand entrances. And thankfully, our organ-playing friend was more than happy to indulge me.

And now the video…

I know, the video is probably a bit anti-climactic given that long preamble, but it was pretty amazing from my perspective.

Folks, if you ever have the chance to leap onstage accompanied by a wall-shaking blast from a church organ, I highly suggest you do it. It’s glorious.

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