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Friday Wrap-Up: A Borderlands eulogy, Doctor Who app, Abraham Lincoln on a grizzly bear, and more…

November 4th, 2011 by Rick · No Comments ·

Halloween 2011 is in the rearview mirror, which means I have 51 weeks to come up with a bunch of cool costume ideas before I give up on all of them around October 27. The same can’t be said for Jessica, though, who came up with an awesome costume in less time than it usually takes us to decide what we’re doing for dinner.

Moving on, here are this week’s links…

— I’m sure this has made the rounds already, but it’s the first time I’m seeing it: Abraham Lincoln with an M-16, riding a Grizzly Bear.

See also: Teddy Roosevelt fighting Bigfoot and Andrew Jackson, Alien Slayer.

— Yet another reason The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson is the best talk show on television: the video below features Amanda Palmer, Moby, Stephen Merritt, and Neil Gaiman performing “Science-Fiction Double Feature” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show


— Over at Destructoid, they posted a pretty great story about how the developers of the game Borderlands memorialized the recent death of one of their fans who died at age 22:

This morning, we received an email from a Destructoid fan named Carlo who shared a story about his late friend Michael John Mamaril. Last month, Michael passed away due to cancer at the young age of 22. Both were huge Borderlands fans, so Carlo thought a great way to honor his buddy’s memory would be to shoot Gearbox Software an email asking for a short eulogy to be read by the game’s smart-mouthed robot mascot Claptrap. Not only did Gearbox comply with the request, it also promised to insert Michael into the upcoming Borderlands 2 as an NPC.

You can hear the eulogy over at Destructoid, and I recommend that you do check it out. It’s a truly impressive, heartfelt message that goes above and beyond anything I expected to hear when I read the post about it.

— Switching gears, I think Jon Rosenberg is on to something in his latest Scenes From A Multiverse.

We’ve been doing it wrong, people. You can’t fight idiocy with science. Science is a mosquito to idiocy.

You have to fight idiocy with superior idiocy.


— I want to try out the new Doctor Who Encyclopedia for the iPad, but would love to hear more about it before I open my (virtual) wallet. Is there enough info in there to justify the price (and the need to pay more for each Doctor’s info)? I desperately want this app to be awesome.

If anyone reading this has given it a whirl, let me know!

It certainly has a nice little promo video, too:

Could this be the app my iPad was created to run? It just might be.

— Finally, for any of my fellow Gator fans out there, I found this article about the 2011 team’s struggles to be pretty entertaining — if only because of the wording of certain comparisons. Like this one, for instance:

And that, my friends, is what John Brantley has been facing this entire season: receivers that can’t catch, an offensive line that can’t block, and a glass menagerie of running backs who, no matter how small or quick, cannot run through holes that just aren’t there. Florida’s pass protection is a bit like watching a Best Buy open its doors on Black Friday: the flood through the gates is quick, grotesque, and can be accomplished by out of shape middle-aged women. The difference is between John Elway in his first year and John Elway in his last year: one was perpetually running for his life, and the other was a Super Bowl-winning Hall of Famer. Do you really think the answer is any combination of two doe-eyed freshmen quarterbacks who have ranged from simple competence to flat-out ineptitude? That question is rhetorical, by the way.

And that’s it for this week’s links!

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