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John Carpenter’s “The Thing” in claymation… with penguins.

January 4th, 2012 by Rick · No Comments ·

Lee Hardcastle, the claymation animator who gave the world “Chainsaw Maid” and “Chainsaw Maid 2″ (as well as a series of 60-second, claymation remakes of cult classics like “The Evil Dead”), just posted what may just be one of his most bizarre clay-fueled projects yet. It’s a claymation remake of John Carpenter’s classic horror film “The Thing” that clocks in at just over two minutes and features a cast of… wait for it… penguins and other arctic creatures.

Technically, it’s a mash-up of “The Thing” and “Pingu,” an animated children’s show about penguins and the creatures in their environment, but it’s more fun to think Hardcastle just randomly chose to replace the human cast with penguins and seals and polar bears.

Hardcastle has also posted a cool, behind-the-scenes video that shows how his “Pingu/The Thing” mash-up was created:

If all of this amuses you, be sure to head over to Hardcastle’s YouTube channel to watch more of his videos. They’re all ridiculously clever in the most clay-blood-flying-everywhere way.

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