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Beware the Intestinator! (And other reasons you should be scared of these 10 sci-fi prisons…)

April 14th, 2012 by Rick · No Comments ·

Lockout” hits theaters this weekend, and though I didn’t care for the film that much, I appreciated the chance it gave me to take a trip down movie-memory lane. I wrote up a list for Movies.com of some of my favorite sci-fi prisons from television and movies over the years.

Wait, did I say favorite sci-fi prisons? I meant scariest sci-fi prisons.

Heck, it’s pretty much the same list anyways.

Here’s an excerpt:

The MenTal Corporation Prison (“Fortress”)

The primary deterrent to escape in this film’s dystopian future is something called an “Intestinator” that’s implanted in prisoners’ stomachs. That should be all you need to know to understand why the prison in this 1992 movie is no fun at all.

But just in case you’re the inquisitive type, the Intestinator is a small device that causes intense intestinal pain when a guard or anyone else activates it, and can even be detonated if necessary. Even better, the Intestinator is only one of the many creative ways the fictional MenTal Corporation controls inmates in this disturbing sci-fi adventure starring Christopher Lambert.

You can read the rest of the list at Movies.com.

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