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Some thoughts (and questions) about the “Amazing Spider-Man” trailer…

May 6th, 2012 by Rick · No Comments ·

I was skeptical about the upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise, but the early look I got at some footage back in February really sold me on the film. The latest trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” included quite a few segments from that footage, and I put together a list for IFC of key scenes that caught my eye and/or prompted some questions.

Here’s an excerpt from the list:

1. First-Person Peter Parker

Back in February, IFC got an early look at some footage from “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and one of the elements that stood out is a sequence that unfolded from a first-person perspective as Spider-Man traveled around New York City. It was a breath-taking scene that gave you a taste of what the world looked like through Peter Parker’s eyes as he was leaping, swinging, and flipping through the urban landscape. This brief scene at the 0:13 mark in the trailer is a piece of that larger sequence, and we’re hoping the final cut includes a nice chunk of that footage, as it was definitely a unique spin on presenting Spider-Man’s powers to the audience.

You can read the rest of the list at IFC.com, and you can watch the latest trailer below:

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