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I want to see “Connect Four: The Movie”

May 22nd, 2012 by Rick · 2 Comments ·

Things have been quiet here on the site lately, as I spent all of last week managing the IFC.com blog while the editor was out of town. That meant I didn’t have much time for writing, though a few features I authored earlier in the month were published during the week.

The most recent of these features was a list-type piece that I wrote up for Fandango, tied to the release of “Battleship.” In the run-up to the film, a lot of sites put out humorous lists of other games that should be adapted into movies, but I wanted to take a slightly different angle with my take on the theme.

For my version of the “games that should be made into movies” list, I tried to come up with serious, legitimate pitches for each project that I could actually see being approved by a studio and green-lit for production. Whenever possible, I tried to include a tagline from the game that could be used in the movie’s promotion, and offer some sort of comparative context for each film (i.e., the “Chutes and Ladders” movie is “Trading Places” meets “The Game”).

Here’s my pitch for the “Connect Four” movie:

A quartet of young designers bond over their love of board games and find both friends and lovers in the world of tabletop competition. However, their loyalties are tested when the world’s biggest game manufacturer offers to buy the game they each had a hand in creating. Will money and opportunity make a mess of their relationship, or will they find a way to Connect Four?

You can read the rest of the list at Fandango.com. I’m extremely happy with how this feature turned out, as there isn’t a single project on the list that seems like a stretch for Hollywood, and to be honest, I’m a little nervous that I might have given away some good pitch material.

Give the feature a read for yourself and let me know what you think, okay? I love the responses I’ve been getting to it on Twitter and Facebook already.

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