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My review of “Robot & Frank” (a.k.a. I heart robots.)

September 13th, 2012 by Rick · No Comments ·

My hometown pals in New York’s Capital Region might’ve noticed a familiar byline in last week’s issue of Metroland, as I contributed a review of “Robot & Frank” (one of my favorite films of the year).

Here’s an excerpt:

Robot & Frank casts veteran actor Frank Langella as an aging former thief whose deteriorating mind prompts his children to buy him a robot caretaker. After some initial resistance to his new “assistant,” Frank begins to see the benefit of his artificial pal—especially when it comes to planning a bold new heist.

The product of both a first-time director and the first-produced screenplay from writer Christopher Ford, Robot & Frank does a nice job of blending the fresh energies of its writer and director with the formidable talents of its veteran star. While it’s not exactly a one-man show, Langella is both the focal point of the film and its chief narrative engine, driving the story forward as his character’s relationship with the robot changes his perspective on the world, for good and bad.

But that’s not to say that Robot & Frank is mired in some sort of commentary on aging and society—far from it, in fact.

You can read the rest of my “Robot & Frank” review over at Metroland.net. And hey, it’s pretty great to do some work for Metroland again. Here’s hoping I get to do more of it.

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