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Milton from “Office Space” and other unlikely Hollywood heroes…

November 1st, 2012 by Rick · No Comments ·

Life has conspired to keep me from updating here lately, but I’m hoping that will change now that there’s no super-storms on the way, we’re finally moved into our new apartment, and I don’t have to write and produce anyone’s convention coverage. I am headed out to California this weekend for the debut of “The Marshall Report” at Long Beach Comic Con, however, so there’s at least one more big show to account for before 2012 slides into the rearview mirror.

As usual, the lack of updates in means that I’ve been busy elsewhere, so expect a bunch of catch-up posts in the next few days bringing you up to speed with some of my recent work that can be found online. For example, I put together a fun list for Fandango of some of my favorite unlikely heroes from the big screen as a tie-in to the upcoming premiere of “Wreck-It Ralph” (which I’m looking forward to immensely).

Here’s an excerpt:

Milton (Office Space)

Everyone has their breaking point, but when you take a man’s favorite stapler, you deserve what’s coming to you. Eternally pushed to the side and dismissed, Milton saved the day in more ways than he’ll ever realize when he finally reached his limit and put a fiery end to the establishment that had been keeping him down.

You can read the rest of the list over at Fandango.com.

Oh, and apparently the plug-in I was using to post daily roundups of my Twitter feed is no longer able to provide that service. I haven’t been able to find anything similar yet, so if you know of anything that can be set up to automatically provide a digest of a user’s Twitter activity in a WordPress-friendly format, please let me know.

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