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Big guns on the set of Riddick

June 24th, 2013 by Rick · 1 Comment ·

Last week, I posted a link to my report from the set of “Riddick,” the third live-action movie in Vin Diesel and David Twohy’s “Chronicles of Riddick” franchise. In addition to the set report and interview with Diesel, as well as a bunch of upcoming articles featuring interviews with the rest of the film’s cast and creative team (keep an eye on Fandango.com for those), the studio also took a few photos of the group of reporters visiting that day and some individual photos of us on the set.

Here I am with a group of journalists standing in front of the mercenaries’ dropship on the film’s set:

Riddick 01

I believe that’s the signature of Riddick himself, Vin Diesel, which was a nice touch.

Next up is a photo of me with one of the rifles used by the mercenaries in the film. If I remember correctly (it’s been over a year since I visited the set), this is a real-world rifle (possibly an AK-47) that was modified by the gunsmiths to give it a futuristic, sci-fi look.

Riddick 02

“Riddick” arrives in theaters in just a few months, and it’s a crazy understatement to say I’m merely excited about the movie. I’ve watched all the live-action and animated films in the series and played all of the video games (which are also considered part of the canon), so… yeah… I can’t wait to see this one.

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