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There And Back Again…

July 17th, 2013 by Rick · 3 Comments ·

c0a5cf24539b11e2a96422000a1fbc12_7It’s not you, New York City, it’s me.

Or rather, us.

But actually, it is you, at least a little bit… and us, too.

What I’m trying to say here is that we’re leaving you for another city, New York. But our new city isn’t that far away, so we’ll probably still see each other around now and then. Let’s stay friends, okay?

And there you have it, folks. After five years of living here in New York City (and another three living in the slightly wider “NYC Metro Area”), Team Marshall is moving out and moving on. And like many former New Yorkers before us, we’re packing up our outrageously overpriced (anywhere but NYC, that is) apartment and taking a ride up Interstate 87.

Destination: Albany.

As some of you already know, the move is a return home for us, as Jessica and I both grew up in NY’s Capital Region and got our start there as professional journalists. Now we return a little wiser, a little more stable in our lives and careers, and a little more certain of what’s important to us and what makes us happy. We’re also returning with a new addition to Team Marshall, and while she’ll always be a Manhattan baby, we’re looking forward to showing our daughter all the great things (and great opportunities) that lie just a few hours outside the big city.


So what does this mean for us professionally? Well, we’re fairly certain it means you’ll see (and in Jessica’s case, hear) a lot more of us, as we have some big plans and — most importantly — an abundance of family, friends, and professional colleagues in the area to help us turn those plans into something tangible. Jessica has a snazzy new gig that you’ll know more about soon (especially if you’re located anywhere in the Northeast U.S. and have a radio), and I have lots of work lined up that should keep me busy, happy, and sane.

Heck, I might even be able to sit down and write that Rom, Spaceknight fan-fiction I’ve wanted to write for years.

(Note: I don’t actually have any current plans to write Rom, Spaceknight fan-fiction. But I’m not opposed to the idea, either.)

Still, we can’t help feeling a little — okay, a lot — sad about leaving our home for the last few years. Along with making some great friends here, Jessica and I managed to cram in a few big, life-changing events during our time in New York City. We moved in together, got married, committed thousands of dollars to apartments with less than 15 minutes thought, changed jobs, had a baby, and had 90% of the things we paid for (including dinner, laundry, and groceries) delivered to our doorstep.

Oh, and we made fun of Brooklyn. A lot.

I think that’s a pretty comprehensive New York City experience.

Read Comics In Public Day

And yes, we’re especially sad about putting more distance between us and all those great friends we made here. From the great people I met during my time with Wizard and MTV News to the elite geeks I’m fortunate to hang around with now at movie screenings, press events, and set visits, I’ve been fortunate to mingle with some of New York City’s best and brightest, and have a few too many drinks with them on far too many occasions.

But here’s the thing: We’re only moving a few hours away, folks.


Most movies last longer than the trip to Albany. Heck, I’ve had commutes from Queens to Brooklyn that took more time than it takes to get from New York City to the Capital Region.

That’s why our departure is absolutely, positively, certainly and irrefutably not getting an all-too-final, might-never-see-you-again “goodbye” treatment. Although we’re well aware that most New York City residents believe anything north of Westchester is a post-apocalyptic wasteland where people barter with animal pelts and seeds, we plan to make regular trips down here ourselves and — with any luck — convince a few brave souls to visit us and see for themselves why we’re so happy to return to Albany. (It is the capital city of New York State, after all.)

And hey, visitors won’t even need to crash on the couch, since we’re renting a full house in Albany for the price of a studio apartment in Queens. So there’s that, too.

Morning skate w/ Coach Jessica

I guess what I’m really trying to say with all of this rambling is that I hope we can still be friends, New York City. We can’t quit you, and we don’t want to. We’re just moving in two different directions right now and need some space.

Oh, and you’ve got a really great heart… and stuff. Thanks for being such a great friend.

And by the way, since we hang out with all the same people, let’s try not to be awkward about all of this next time we see each other, okay? Thanks.

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